5 Types of Mommy Bloggers I Hate That Most Likely Hate Me Too

Mommy Blogger:  (Mom-ee Blawg-er) A maternal- type person that keeps an online journal, often referred to as their “J.O.B.” even if they don’t make any money. Because since it’s a J.O.B. it totally justifies sitting on the computer all day. The Mommy Blogger started out as a Farmville Fanatic on Facebook, but figured out they could get free stuff and coupons if they moved to a blogging platform, usually Blogger. Eventually, Mommy Bloggers will take up another part time job as forum troll to harass people that don’t like Mommy Bloggers and to make sure the world knows that “BLOGGING IS MY JOB BITCHES AND I’M STILL THE BEST MOM IN THE UNIVERSE…wait where’s my kid. Can’t find my kid…”

Mommy Bloggers I Hate


Boring and Lame Mommy

One popular type of Mommy Blogger is the Slice of Life, or A Day in the Life Mommy Blogger which blogs just because it’s fun. She says she doesn’t give a shit if anyone reads her blog but she wants the world to know that Johnny pooped two times in his Lightning McQueen underwear and often attaches a photo of said feat. As I have said before, that crap is boring (and gross). No one cares unless you’re someone important or famous. If you want to share every boring detail of your life with your family, that’s what Facebook is for.

Will Write for Peanuts Mommy

Mommies that claim blogging is their J.O.B. are the ones most guilty of writing and performing other stay at home duties for $2. That’s right, people will write a 400 word article for your site with your name on it for anywhere between $2 and $10 and a lot of times said person is a mom. Why? I don’t know. I have tried to explain to mommies in the past that this is not a good deal. Copywriters and blog writers are paid anywhere from $20-$100 per blog post. You’re messing it up for the rest of us who will not, under any circumstances even write a thank you card to our own family members for less than $10.

Illiterate Mommy

I’m no genius, but I do know when to use too, to and two and their and there and you’re and your and it’s and its.  And you know what? Not everyone knows the difference and it doesn’t always indicate a lack of intelligence. However, if you write or blog and if you claim that writing or blogging is your job, then you had better pay attention to some grammar and spelling rules. If you can’t take the time to at least try to write coherently, I’m not wasting my time trying to read what you have written. I should not be wondering whether you or your child is updating your blog.

Product Review/Giveaway/Coupon Mommy

Bless your hearts and souls but there are far too many blogs that are designated to one of or all three of these categories. These are the mommies that most often claim blogging to be their form of employment, however let me say this: jobs pay money, not free stuff. Would you work at McDonald’s just for free hamburgers? Would you work at McDonald’s just to receive coupons for hamburgers that you could peddle to your friends and family? Hell no, you wouldn’t. Furthermore, as I’ve said before…try paying your electricity bill with diaper giveaways or a BOGO coupon for Tic Tacs. Good luck with that.

Sick and Afflicted Mommy

These blogs are all about whatever sickness the mom has. Fine if you’re educating and providing useful information to others, but if every post starts with, “today was another rough day. Tried to brush my teeth…” I’m going to feel sorry for you, but I’m also never going to visit your blog again. Ever. That shit is depressing. I have enough to be sad about without a daily reminder that it takes all of the strength in your body to wash your ass. At least toss us a recipe or something once in a while.

I do realize that I am a mommy and I blog. I also know quite a few mommy bloggers that I adore and do not fit into these categories. Dad bloggers that fit into these categories suck too sometimes and I’m all about equal opportunity so I hate you guys too. If you want to blog then blog about something that people want to read about. As my friend says…write something that actually says something. Otherwise, use Facebook and stop taking up all of the good domain names.

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Christina Majaski

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86 Responses to “5 Types of Mommy Bloggers I Hate That Most Likely Hate Me Too”

  1. Lol, love this! I’m thinking you won’t be invited into Mommy blogger tribes any time soon. I enjoy Mom bloggers (I am one myself, though not a Mommy blogger, I blog about personal technology) when they teach me something. I don’t generally read slice of life blogs no matter who is writing them. I have enough issues trying to keep up with the lives of my family members.

  2. melissaaggie98 says:

    I find it funny that you mention “Illiterate Mommy” bloggers, yet have an obvious typo in your author profile.  Perhaps you should correct the “I/m the truth bringer.” sentence before trying to belittle others.

    • @melissaaggie98 I don’t think you understand the difference between a typo and being illiterate. No idea where the slash came from, but in the original Twitter profile, there is no slash OR apostrophe, simply to save on characters. Thanks for pointing it out.

      • @cmajaski  @melissaaggie98 Punctuation causes many problems due to software issues.  That’s probably what happened there.  Apostrophes freak out VoiceBoks’ code.  Quotes often freak out triberr’s code. Probably a translation issue.

    • @melissaaggie98 I find it funny that was all you got from this blog post. Typos and literacy are not one in the same, either.

  3. Now I am wondering… do I fit in that typical mommy blogger post… Oh No…. Personally I think it has a lot to do with the person and their writing abilities. Some people can make a piece of poo twice a day in Lightening Mcqueen underpants sound like the next best idea for a novel. But I do have to say, not all mommy bloggers are created equal. So I am going to file myself under a rambler.

  4. You know, this post rubbed me the wrong way a little. Maybe because I could be easily labeled in the categories you mentioned above, but I’d like to think that it was something a bit more ‘mature’ that triggered my annoy button. Maybe I don’t know you and so if I did, I would think it funny…but what about all those Moms who are trying to make a go at blogging, trying to earn a couple of dollars, or simply trying to keep their sanity? I know it may not be stellar writing, but there’s no reason to rip them up for it. I don’t know, I could be over sensitive, but I am very passionate about supporting other bloggers. It can be a dog-eat-dog scene on the Internet and I’d rather make friends than enemies. Just my two cents.

    • @Julie DeNeen We all have our opinions. These happen to be the types of blogs I don’t personally care for. If anything, this should help some of the mom bloggers realize they can do better – if they want to- some don’t really care whether I hate their blog or not, and they shouldn’t.

  5. I read A LOT of blogs and am frequently shocked by what is obviously a near total lack of effort to provide quality content.  People who post “recipes” you can read off of the package, people who either do not or can not properly edit their material and don’t bother to get someone who can to do it, people who ramble pointlessly, people who set up a messy page, people who post one or two sentence posts, people who prattle on endlessly are being lazy and are playing fast and loose with MY time.  Ironically, these people are usually the ones with some time wasting complicated comment system, too.
    I won’t forward that material to my gang.  My readers/followers time is very valuable to me.  I honor it.  I do everything I can to make sure I am not wasting a second of it.  I’m sure I’m not perfect and mess up in ways I’m not even always aware of.  
    But, the day I’m not behaving in a professional manner is the day I am done.  I can’t understand why other people chose to waste their time and that of other people behaving in an unprofessional manner.

  6. TheInsurist1 says:

    I have tried to stay out of the mommy blogger conversation, but after yesterday I realize you’ve missed one…the ANGRY Mommy. Wow ladies. Time to walk away from the keyboard and drink some chamomile.

  7. rantravewrite says:

    I can’t tell you how much I love this post. I am sort of a mommy blogger, and I freely admit throughout my site that I do not edit it – I rant, get it out and move on. But I try, at least, to make it funny. Sometimes that flies, sometimes not. But I don’t get into the minutia of daily living – we’re LIVING that. I don’t do giveaways or coupons, and like Gina, I don’t share Tribe posts like that, for the same reason she avoids it. And though I have lots to complain about, I prefer to make it funny, because it almost always is, in some way or another. Sure we’re broke, but the fact that my solution to the broken toilet seat qualifies me for the semi-finals in the redneck Olympics makes it funny. To everyone but me. And I’m ok with that. So thank you, thank you, thank you for this post!!

    • @rantravewrite I think if you TRY to blog something that has not already been done 4 million times, you will be a little more successful. I don’t understand why people think they need a blog to talk about Lulu putting her socks on…

  8. This was one of my all-time favorites of yours, Christina.

  9. Well, I don’t know whether to blush and hide or be proud … I *kind of* fit in a couple of those categories. I don’t talk about every single day or poop *gross* but I do talk about a life well lived, sometimes a hard a life, and sometimes great blessings – they come with being a special needs parent. I’ve been told I’m a good writer – but who knows? I try hard *not* to have typos or to sound illiterate so I can hope for the best there as well. I am a mom and I am a blogger, but that isn’t all I write about, in any way shape or form. Maybe I should just slink away, though, as I am about ready to have 10 days of giving – i.e. Giveaways … so I guess I suck. *sobs* 
    Funny post, and while I see your point I do think that there is a certain *need* for the typical mommy blogger, who shares valid and valuable opinions about junior’s diapers (they hold that poop in well!) and all kinds of toys! :D

  10. MommaBeThyName says:

    I don’t know. This is kind of an ‘ouch’ for me, simply because I know we (as a whole) are being judged by, well, you. And this really takes ALL of us back in the ‘Being Taken Seriously’ department. It also smacks of anger. These people of which you speak are rarely on my radar, because I’m so busy with my own J O B, which is, in fact, blogging. AIso, I have the wisdom to know that the people who will endure will be the ones with something valuable to offer. I don’t feel that spewing venom isn’t going to further ANYONE’S cause or aspirations here.

    • @MommaBeThyName I think “spewing venom” is a little harsh. Brutal honesty is what we’re looking at, and I agree with her. It’s great to have aspirations, but at least aspire to find the positive and post past the poopie diapers. It’s just my opinion, though :-)

      • @amberrisme  @MommaBeThyName I never in my life would read a post like this and think the author was talking about me. Even if he/she was talking about me. People take things too personally.

        • MommaBeThyName says:

          @cmajaski  Which “people” are you referring to, because I’ve seen several comments here that intimate they felt *they* were being described in this post?

        • @MommaBeThyName It isn’t my fault if “people” think this post is specifically about them. If anyone here is blogging for $2 a post or useless products and coupons, then maybe they should reconsider who they are blogging for. If they think they are lame and boring mommy, or sick and afflicted mommy or illiterate mommy, then maybe they should reconsider their blog content. Otherwise, carry on. These are types of blogs *I* don’t like and if they are happy blogging what they blog, why would it even matter?

      • MommaBeThyName says:

        @amberrisme  Brutally honest doesn’t mean ‘brutal’,cruel, or demeaning.

  11. danielnewmanUV says:

    Damn Christina – you ARE rantitude.  Now…I’m going to get back to blogging about rainbows and unicorns.  As long as I’m positive the world is my oyster….right? anyone? nothing? dang…

  12. Actually I think you could have added the “Territorial Pissing Mommy.”  They ones that will trash anyone who steps on their social turf and then act like the victim.  Sometimes from the dad side of things it seems like Mommy Blogger Mafia Wars.  We just hide in #DadChat…eh @brucesallan ???  :-)

  13. And here I was just about to send you a coupon four my diaper giveaway that I’m getting paid in bags of organic Doritos to wright.  Now I have sads. Tonight will be a rough nite.

  14. My God, you’ve totally nailed one of the biggest problems we have here in the Philippines! In fact, diva-esque mommy bloggers have even been featured on a news blog, simply because of the bad image they’re giving blogging in general. Here, have a coupon on me! :P

  15. Hooray, I make money blogging! But dang it, getting a “free” Kayak and giving one away doesn’t rate high because I do giveaways. For me, it’s been a process of learning the ropes and finding the right ones to grab on to. Finding a balance in blogging about “personal” stuff as a blogger will become more important to me as I move out of state and friends keep up with me. I’ll be glad to do less r&gs, but I have to say, I do like getting paid good $ for what I do on my blog. =)

    • @MimiBakerMN OK – One Mimi….I need to check out the kyak thing.  Two – @danielnewmanUV and I know you have personal posts that come up that may need a good home as they would classify as a fun rant.  Send one to us anytime.  :-)

  16. moondustwriter says:

    Great rant.  It disgusts me that mommy bloggers are making some good money while excellent writers are not!

    • @moondustwriter I’m sorry you feel that way. I suppose I should get out of the tribe with Bruce Sallan if what I do disgusts you so much. I feel that what I do is valuable and as a single mom I try to find ways to make working outside the home part time less of a burden by making money at home.

      • @MimiBakerMN  @moondustwriter Mimi is a positive in the mommy blogger community for sure and works hard and is consistent and very helpful and respectful to all those she engages with.  I think to the point in the Rant there are a few out there just as in regular blogging, or social media that take it to extremes and steamroll over people.  For the record I want anyone who works hard in this country to make as much as they can.  Capitalism for the win and kudos to all those out there starting a new biz and making it happen!

      • @MimiBakerMN  @moondustwriter I am a single mother also. I am also a freelance writer. If people are making what they should be making when they write for these companies then good. But there are mommy bloggers who write for a little bit of nothing and IMO, that is not good.

    • @moondustwriter My problem is moreso the ones that are NOT making good money and are instead selling their souls for coupons, useless gadgets and pennies. What you write and promote on your blog should be worth more than that.

      • @cmajaski @moondustwriter @DanielIeBishop I agree that this post isn’t meant for all bloggers making money, BUT, I take offense that Leslie is “disgusted” that we are making money. She hasn’t read every mom blogger and while some don’t have amazing writing abilities, they may have other skills that makes what they do worth money to companies that pay them. Are there crappy bloggers in every niche? Heck yea! Leslie, bring a writer, should have put more thought into the words she used, because I think she was rude!

        • @cmajaski  @moondustwriter  @DanielIeBishop shoot, was commenting on my phone and I missed that it chose “bring” instead of being. lol dang it! Where’s the edit button when you need one?

        • @MimiBakerMN  @cmajaski  @moondustwriter   It is OK.  I call everyone on Twitter “Twerps” instead of “Tweeps” because of the auto correct.  Lol.

    • @moondustwriter Huh? Really? You a concerned about other people’s successes as some how disgusting?  Your declared opinion here isn’t any more or less disgusting.  You can take that however you like.

  17. Danielle Bishop says:

    So much of this is WAY off. I think you are just jealous, maybe? My hubby teases me a bit about blogging and mimic’s me getting review/giveaway items but he sure doesn’t tease when I pay for our car note and cell phone bills each month from my [worthless] blogging money. And I do not make $2 per post. I make $175 per post. I am proud that I did not have to pay a single penny for my kids’ Christmas gifts. I bought my son a laptop and my 3 girls tablets with blogging money. My two babies tons of toys – thanks to reviews I was privileged enough to do. My 5 month old has all of the best and newest baby gear and clothes – not one item I had to pay for. I got all from reviews. I get to bring my family to shows and concerts and events that normal people have to purchase tickets for. I get to go to resorts and water parks that normal people have to pay for. I will be bringing my family of 8 to Disney in March. I have tickets to 2 parks (so far) that I do not have to pay for. I have a resort waiting for me, that I do not have to pay for. All review items. I also review vehicles, hopefully one will take us down to FL. Not too shabby for a “mommy blogger”. Think what you will – say what you will. But I get to stay home with my kids and provide for them and our household because I am a “mommy blogger”. And I am proud.

    • MommaBeThyName says:

      @Danielle Bishop Watch out. Someone’s now going to call you illiterate now based on that fact that you put an apostrophe at the end of ‘mimic’. This space is pretty negative, under the guise of “good fun”.  I doubt I’ll be back after this visit.

      • @MommaBeThyName  @Danielle Bishop I get hit all the time for human errors on my blog and this one.  I appreciate the polite call out and try to do the same for other bloggers through private channels offered constructively so no worries Momma and Danielle.  Some rants may carry more of an edge than others but Dan and I are not trying to drive all things negative.  I plan to rant about no bean chilli when I get time.  We would love to have a rant on anything from either of you anytime.  :-)Cheers!JB

      • @MommaBeThyName  @Danielle Bishop Again, there is a difference between someone who is illiterate and someone who makes a typo. I’m not sure why I would have to keep pointing that out.

    • @Danielle Bishop Great comments Danielle.  I feel a counter Rant in the making.  Always an open offer.

    • @Danielle Bishop Then obviously this post isn’t about you. I am amazed that bloggers always come out of the woodwork claiming fantastically successful coupon blogs and are insulted by the fact that I’m calling out OTHER people who write for companies who only pay in coupons, products or $2 per post. ALL bloggers should hate that people are writing posts for ANY company that pays in diaper coupons or pennies. Real writers are paid money, and they are paid more than $2 per post. If you are paid sufficiently for your reviews or promotions then congratulations, but not all mommy bloggers are.

    • @Danielle Bishop Best way to get a lot of hits on your website is to be make ridiculous and insinuating claims about other people under the guise of self-assumed authority.  This article has already got more attention than is justified.

  18. HeatherSmith1 says:

    I have searched for years for a way to help our family financially without having someone else “raise my children”. Blogging was/is my answer. This year alone I have been able to contribute $10,000 to our foundation repair, $2,000 towards my sons braces, I have $6,000 in savings and I have taken over the responsibilities of paying for the kids shoes/clothes (we have 4 kids) and their lunches at school. 
    I have been able to travel on all expense paid trips and meet some fabulous people and company reps. I never in my wildest dreams would have thought I would be able to say I’ve been to New York three times in a calendar year let alone attend red carpet events, events like Food Networks Wine & Food Festival and meet celebrities.
    In the past year or so I have reviewed a Sleep Number bed, a LG True Steam dishwasher, an Amana stove, Whirlpool front loading washer/dryer, Pergo flooring, two La-Z-Boy Sectionals, True Green is taking care of our lawn, a Netbook, cell phones, tablets, an Xbox, high end bedding for 3 bedrooms, a Dyson vacuum, bunk beds for both our younger kids, I’ve saved enough gift cards to buy an iMac for my college aged daughter, my younger two get all of the latest hot/new toys for Christmas… the list goes on. All of this would NOT be possible in a minimum wage job while paying child care. 
    My husband is grateful he can stop working 60 hour work weeks and my readers thank me for my detailed and honest opinions on products they have been considering for their home. I refuse to work for coupons but I will work for product if it’s a needed/wanted item and worth my time. If you consider how long you would have to work a “regular” job to pay for it I usually get the sweet end of the deal. I refuse to work for $2. I make $150-$200 per post and have paid even more for brand ambassadorships. 
    I , like Danielle, am proud to be a mommy blogger.

  19. I’m not a fan of these types of bloggers either, but hate would be a strong word. I just skim through, move on and never go back. What does irk me though, is when a fairly good writer/ mommy blogger decides that yes, she wants to make money and proceeds to do the following in quick succession, leaving me to unsubscribe after weeks of thinking, ugh, what is she becoming?
    - Post every single day
    - Doing the above because she’s started writing sponsored post after sponsored post (I have NOTHING against sponsored posts, I’ve done one, and MAY do another if it fits my blog/ writing style/ 3 months after my last one).
    - Doing the daily posting because not only is she writing sponsored posts often, she’s also doing product reviews.
    - Posting so often because she’s doing sponsored posts, reviews AND giveaways.
    - Every post she writes seems to be contrived and crafted just so it’d be Pinned (even includes a graphic). I’m all for handy how-tos, tips, list of 10 etc, but write it in your normal style. Tell a story. Not in a manufactured sense.
    - Have ads all over the place all of a sudden.
    I believe any blogger can make money – there are so many ways. The trouble seems to lie in the blogger’s inability to infuse her personality into these money making endeavors, making her blog a turn off. Shame.

  20. wendy meyer says:

    You forgot otherwise brilliant blogs written by women that suddenly turn into obsessive fertility issue then fetus development tickers. I wouldn’t say I hate them, but my children already dominate every other aspect of my life, for the hour or two a day I read blogs for entertainment– I really don’t want to recap the whole miracle of life process or be immersed in someone else’s parenting process.

  21. Holy crap, this is exactly the same junk my hubz & I complain about — including the ANGRY mommy! I’ve been re-configuring my Triberr feed to stop sending out the exact posts you described herein, Christina. So obviously what you said here has merit.
    I find it interesting that, when you describe a certain group, individuals will go the extra mile to CALL THEMSELVES OUT — even if they aren’t the ones you described, & even if calling themselves out makes them look bitchy, & even if calling themselves out in fact proves your point. 
    I also find it interesting that you can repeatedly say you understand typos but cannot forgive illiteracy, & yet so many people will get pissed about being called out on typos. I do not think people under stand the difference between the two, so for your trolls’ edification I shall explain: A typo is a silly error which is obviously just a goof & is not representative of the author’s regular writing style; that is to say, it’s clear the author knows her shit. Illiteracy is when it’s clear that the goofball author in question has no fucking clue what’s going on, & thus comes off as a dumb-dumb. 
    And the only thing worse than an angry mommy blogger is a dumb-dumb mommy blogger.


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